Name is a (main) character in Insert Series Here.


Location goes here.

Details about the character's life prior to or as the outbreak began go here. If the character's location is known, add it (example: Atlanta, Georgia). If it is unknown, just put "Location Unknown".


Season goes here.

Episode goes here.

Details about this character during the series go here, usually split up by episodes, seasons, etc.

Another episode.

Episode details.

Another episode.

Episode details.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims "Name" has killed:

  • Killed victims go here. Always placed at the bottom of KV lists is "numerous counts of zombies" or "possibly numerous counts of zombies".


Killed By

  • Other character

Only if the character is deceased should this section be here.


Detail when the character appears in this section.


  • Any interesting tidbits about the character go in this section.

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