Katie Sinclair is a protagonist in Among the Dead.



Prior to the outbreak, Katie lived with her parents in a small area in Florida. Little is known about Katie's mother- only that the woman died before the series takes place. Raphael only mentions her after Katie is bitten as a way to entertain Katie as she died from te infection.

Katie and her father lived together in a rundown trailer- presumably as a result of Raphael's drug addiction (antidepresants). Despite the issues, he proved to be a good father to Katie.


Season 1

Dead Rising

As the episode begins, Katie is believed to be at school. However, it is revealed that the outbreak ocurred on her way to school and she escaped the "plague", running home to warn her father. THeir house is later swarmed by the infectious beings, which catie refers to as Hungries.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Katie has killed:

  • Jerome Reeves (before reanimation)
  • Peter Wallace (Self- defense)
  • Numerous counts of zombies