Josephine Gerard is a (main) character in Among the Dead


Savannah, Georgia

Josephine was born in the mid 1990's, and growing up in Georgia, she experienced a strict childhood based on religion and pursuing an advanced education. Her father was a high-esteemed Pastor, who instilled in her the significance of a relationship with G-d, and a school teacher mother, who imposed a quality education. She often sought refuge with her father's mother, "Grams:, who offered her unbiased support.

Academically, Josephine excelled in all of her studies, eventually earning a free-ride to Harvard, and graduating with a Degree in Linguistics.

After College, she worked at a local Kmart in Savannah, where she befriended Leslie Wilder, a fellow employee. The two grew very close, and Josephine would watch her son, Oliver, when Leslie worked overtime.


Season 1.





"Gone baby, gone


Season 2

"Aisle 4"

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