Elon Boone is a (main) character in Among the Dead.


Jacksonville, Florida

Prior to the outbreak, Elon- along with his father and sister- resided in FLorida. Here, he worked as an apprentice carpenter at a woodwork shop and later as a pizza delivery guy. After being laid off from his job, ELon took an interest in the underground fighting rings.

The fighting has proved to be very convenient once the "Sweep" invades FLorida and drives his family further North.


Season 1


The episode begins with Elon taking a swig from a bottle of whiskey offered by his father. THe two converse about the long journey ahead they'd take to escape the pursuing "sweep."

As they are laughing, Katie screams from the background, causing the two to jump in alert and run to Katie's side. The "sweep" has already spread- The family of three load their truck with supplies and head towards Georgia


As Raphael drives the car through the rainy night, Katie lies asleep in the back, with Elon carving a small wooden figure into a wick of wood. He eyes his sister through the window and frowns.

They continue to drive through the rain darkened road. Occasionally the lights shine on a few rotters, but none have bothered to swarm them.

Season 2

"Gone Baby, Gone"


"Aisle 4"

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Elon has killed:

  • Katie Boone (Before reanimation)
  • Randy Outlaw (Before reanimation)
  • Numerous counts of Rotters


Elon is a short statured man of average build. He has dirty blonde hair and moustache that he attempts to keep cut- fails after a short period of time. His hazel eyes are on the green side with flecks of amber and grey.


  • Elon's name means "tree" or "oak tree" in the hebrew language. Elon is also shown to be quite fond of nature and making wood carvings on his leisure.
  • Having worked in an underground fight club, Elon has picked up quite a few skills when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.
  • Elon's favorite weapon is a silver dagger, it belonged to Katie.